Innovative New Industrial Printer Ensures Unique Multi-Color 3D Printing

Innovation with a future: The philosophy of Multec GmbH. The company specializes in the development, production and distribution of high-quality 3D printers. With the industrial 3D printer M800, Multec has developed a perfect FDM-print with up to four different materials, colors, and nozzle sizes.

The special nozzle-changing system of the Multex4Move allows clean color separations and drip-free multi-material printing for the first time. This reduces the rework to a minimum. The combined use of the different nozzle sizes available on the Multex4Move also ensures a significant acceleration in the printing process. Large, high-volume flow nozzles print fast and stable internal structures; while small nozzles allow very fine surfaces to be achieved in the same print.


Industrielle additive Fertigung

"Clean and fast multi-material printing with up to four materials is a real milestone in FDM technology."
Multec Managing Director Manuel Tosché


New Dimensions for the Industry

The M800 revolutionizes the possibilities of precise, high-quality 3D printing and meets all quality and safety standards of professional industrial production. The innovative 3D printer features a 24-inch industrial touchpad, a closed print chamber, and filament capacity for up to ten spools.

Reliable Industry Partner

Since 2011, Multec GmbH has been developing innovative, industrial quality 3D printing technology geared to the needs of the industry. As a system partner, not only does Multec offer high-quality 3D printers with large print volume, industrial safety standards and process reliability; the company also offers filaments, software support, technology training and service.  

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