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News overview: Multex2Move and Multex4Move are impressive due to excellent printing results. - Industrial 3D printer by multec - Heat-resistant multec PLA-HT customer testimonial


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The new extruder generation Multex2Move is just about to be launched onto the market.

The printing results are absolutely ooze-free, thereby implementing material separation unknown up until now.

Both parts, the gyro as well as the spindle and nut are dual printed as a single piece with various colors.
In addition, printed parts can be found on Thingiverse:

and http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1822157

If you are interested in Multex4Move, then subscribe to our newsletter, which will be available in just a few weeks:

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Multec is specialized in the development of industrial 3D printers

The first unit is already in operation and meets industry standards, both for 3D printing as well as for milling.

The first unit will be available at the end of 2016 and has a printing / milling area of 300 x 400 x 800 mm.

More sizes will be available during the middle of 2017; the Multirap M1000 will be launched with an area of 1000 x 600 x 1000 mm for industrial applications.

Naturally, the worldwide debut of the new patented multiple print head, Multex4Move, for four-way prints and up to 100x the volume rate will be maintained due to the large nozzle inserts combined with fine nozzles for the outer surfaces of the items printed.

Multec industrial 3D printer

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Flight drone by Mr. Georg Lakeit

Sun-resistant PLA-HT by Multec customer’s testimonial/experience

Motorcycle seat 3D printed item mad of Multec PLA-HT (high-temperature resistance):

Mr. Dimitri Milonas sent us his photos of printed items as well as an explanation on PlA-HT filament:

Motorcycle seat made of PLA-HT

Motorcycle seat, PLA-HT, unpainted

His customer testimonial:

“.. In general, I currently print all my parts using your PLA-HT material. The main advantage lies in the easily detachable support material and good mechanical properties.

I primarily print out equipment parts, my various round plugs, freely formed plugs, problematic shapes, etc.

There is also the sector for assembly-room dummies. In my case, I print out complete exhaust manifolds for installation and to be used as manufacturing test runs.

Currently, I am running a trial to produce tools for sheet-metal forming using a special system and your material. Te first trials have been promising. The material has a special level of elasticity and spring-back effect that makes that possible....."

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Multex Move – four-color extruder with anti-ooze function

Multec develops world innovations in the field of extruder technology!

Two- and four-color extruder with anti-oozing and cleaning function - anti-oozing perfection

With the development of the Move-generation extruder, which is unique on a worldwide level, Multec is taking FDM 3D printing technology to a new dimension. Thereby, with it, up to four different plastic types or colors can be combined in a single print run!

World innovation in the field of FDM extrusion: Four-color extruder with ooze prevention
This makes multicolored printing possible without dripping or oozing since only the active nozzle moves into the print position and all nozzles are parked into position and cleaned prior to printing. The new compactly designed Move Extruders are currently undergoing a test phase and have been submitted to the patent office for a patent application.
Multirap owners will especially benefit from this new development, which is capable of being upgraded. The new extruder generation will be offered to them at a special price upon being launched onto market. For third-party printer customers, Multec is also offering an extruder upgrade.

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3D printing, lightweight with optimum stability - printing example, dog wheelchair

The weight-optimized breastplate of the dog wheelchair is an ideal example for highly resistant and stability-optimized printing.

The force exerted when passing over rough and smooth surfaces is intrinsic in nature and the first breastplates we designed were quickly taken to their limits.

For this, there is a tutorial provided by multec on how to optimize the weight of parts, thereby still provide a high level of stability.

Stability-optimized lightweight construction in the field of 3D printing

In principle, the highest level of layer thickness combined with wide layer widths offer the best level of stability in any case in the field of 3D printing. Here, the layer adhesion level is at the best level and the densely position threads are also naturally optimized with regard to tensile and bending strength.

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Even more stable and super-quick printed parts
- thin-walled printing optimized for stability and strength
- waterproof printing:

This can be done extremely well using the new 0.8mm nozzle by Multec:

The higher the layers are located during FDM printing, the more solid the printed parts are and the higher the level of stability and strength are. Here, stable layer adhesion takes place over a wide level of width.

New multech nozzle size: 0.8mm for fast printed parts that are optimized for strength and stability

Even thin-walled parts are extremely resistant in this way because the adhesion of the layers is excellent.

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Ooze-free and self-cleaning four-color 3D extruder by Multec

Video presentation of the innovative and intelligent extruder system

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3D printing of landscapes and mountain ranges

Print out your homeland in 3D topology!
Here, the Swiss Alps are printed using the Multirap M420.
The Swiss Alps printed using the Multirap M420

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Great new functions for more overview, more user options and with pre-programmed macros.


  • German version available
  • Adjustable printing bed sizes for Multirap models
  • Emergency-stop button
  • File display last used
  • “Fit to screen” zoom
  • 3D preview

and much more

New Multec Touch App

More on the new feature and the download can be found here:

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Mr. Roland Scharl and Mr. Jürg Maier presented their InMoov robots using photos and videos. We are pleased about the consent granted to present these great projects.
Both have (without knowing it from each other) printed the InMoov in PLA-HT on their Multirap M300.

Mr. Maier presents his InMoov "Marvin"
in a fascinating video on YouTube

Multec customer, Roland Scharl, shows photos of his robot.

We are delighted with Mr. Scharls complex robot project that impressively shows what can be produced using our Multirap 3D printer and Multec filament, as well as what type of functional components and design elements can be made from 3D printed parts.

InMoov robot by Roland Scharl printed using a Multirap 3D printer and Multec filament

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Shape- and functionally dependent fine tuning of 3D printed parts

Since the InMoov robot inspired us so much, which two Multec customers printed on their Multirap, we are giving a few tips in our latest tutorial using InMoov components as an example.

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Neubrandenburg University prints out foodstuff using the Multirap M420 and a foodstuff extruder developed by the university

According to Professor Siegfried Bolenz and Mr. Tobias Franke, the University is planning to make the project available as open source.
A great project; we thank Mr. Tobias Franke for the photos and we will continue to report on this.

The extruder is mainly composed of 3D printed parts and was printed in Multec PLA-HT, which is
ideal for it, being a food-safe, temperature-resistant and impact-resistant material.

Foodstuff extruder of the Weihenstephan university on a Multirap M420

The extruder is primarily composed of 3D printed parts and will be open source
Foodstuff print using a M420 and university extruder Printed chocolate and other foods

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PLA-HT sample package -the new colors of the impact-resistant first-class filament

PLA-HT – heat-resistant Multec PLA in new colors

Our top seller PLA-HT with its enormously high level of impact resistance (50% higher than ABS) and its high level of temperature resistance is unique within the filament market.

The printed image of colored PLA-HT is impressive due to its matte evenness. Due to this, the FDM groove structure is practically invisible in the case of fine layer heights. The surfaces that can be produced are absolutely even.

Multec is now expanding its color range to include blue, red and black; other colors are currently being tested. Of course, food-safe and in excellent and proven Multec quality.

The new colors are being produced; sample packages are available: Order a sample package

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Multec makes the 3D printing world even more colorful - we produce your desired colors

RAL colors PLA filament from Multec production

You have desired colors in RAL color shades? You would like to print out your models in your company colors or desired colors?

Multec will produce your desired colors in reliable Multec filament quality PLA starting at a purchase quantity of approx. 15-25 kg.

Depending on the desired color, we can make a proposal for you regarding color and purchase quantities.

Ge in touch with us now - we look forward to your request:


or telephone + 49 (0)7587-95038-0

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Construction plans available as open source for other handicap dogs

Talk wheelchairs from the Multirap M420

Luisa the dog was born without front legs and, thanks to a wheelchair from a 3D printer, is now conquering the world.

Without the walking aid, the female puppy can only crawl and scrip about as she moves.

Florian Rapp, worker at the 3D printer manufacturer Multec and master’s student of vehicle technology, found out about the fate of the puppy from ProTier e.V. In cooperation with Karin Bufe, Master’s student of medical technology, a chassis with a printed breast plate was developed that met the special requirements of a growing dog: anatomically adaptable and adjustable. Today, small Luisa enjoys her new freedom to move during her excursions with her wheelchair. For dogs with similar handicaps, Multec is making the variable construction available to the public as an open-source kit,

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The ELV Journal team presents a detailed structural and test report on the Multirap M420 Duo that you can read here

The ELV team has subjected our Multirap M420 Duo with a 12V heated bed to extensive testing; Read more here.

"It is large, heavy, robust and versatile – With the M420 by Multec is obvious at first sight that one was also thinking
big things when it was designed. Immense installation space with relation to the mass of
the 3D printer, technical data concerning accuracy that makes one optimistic, the
simple convertibility to engraving/milling machine as well as innovative stand-alone controls
via tablet and app made us curious. Read our construction and test report.”

Test report and test result of the Multirap M420 Duo Pro

Source: ELVjournal 02/2015, S. 61–67
Link directly to ELV:

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Highly temperature resistant PLA-HT up to 90°C and new premium PLA - Multec is setting new standards

By means of the collaboration with a renowned German manufacturer, at the end of August, we will be able to supply you with our own Multec filament with a continuously good, high-quality materials and manufacturing standards.

Click on more... below to find out details

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We are pleased that we have won 2nd place at the Schwäbischen Zeitung 2014 Founder Award.

54 companies applied for the sought-after distinction of the Swabian media that increases prominence on a regional level and sends a positive signal to customers and partners of the winners nationwide.

You can view our German Founder Award company video by the newspaper, Schwäbischen Zeitung, here.

Pictures from the German Founder Award ceremony can be viewed here.

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