Videos on 3D printing technology with Multirap

Multex4Move - innovative new development: ooze-free and self-cleaning four-color extruder

More on the Multex4Move, which will also available a Multex2Move two-color extruder, can be found here.

Automatic printing table leveling (available here in the shop )

Printing movable parts in a single printed piece

Milling with the Multirap

PLA-HT high temperature resistant filament by Multec

Engraving with the engraving kit by Multec

Printing test using the new Multec PETG filament

Suitable for the WM: Multirap M400 Duo Pro prints a soccer field

Multirap M200 Duo Pro for dual printing

Multirap milling PCBs

Multirap engraving plastic

Multirap M400/M420 print of an RC boat

Multirap M400/M420 print of a tool shelf