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PVA - Filament Nature 3,0mm, 0,5kg Spool, for 3D-Printers, 64,26 &eur
PVA - Filament Nature 3,0mm, 0,5kg Spool, for 3D-Printers

Item number: 132-0515

PVA-Filament Natur 3,0mm, 0,5kg auf Spule, für 3D-Drucker

64,26 €

including 19% VAT.,

item not available


Filament for 3D-Printers (Multirap, Reprap, Mendel, Prusa ect.)

Good quality,uniform diameter and color.

The weight refers to the Filament-Material (without the spool)

More info about the different filament types (PLA, ABS or PVA) is accessible on our homepage in the FAQ section, hereis the link.

Also,take a closer look to our 3D-Printers and different accessories in our web shop.

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