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Multirap 3D printer - multiply talented

3D-printer Multirap - industrial 3D-printer with innovative Quad-Extruder-Technology

Industrie-Anwendung 3D-Druck Mehrmaterialdruck



High Precision - Made in Germany - best printing quality

Industrie 3D-Drucker M800 mit innovativen Mehrfachdruckkopf



FDM-Printing in high resolution and quality

Sicher - Zuverlässig - Hochwertig - Maschinenrichtlinienkonform

Innovative dual and quad extruder with anti-oozing and self-cleaning fuctionality 

Multex4Move - innovativer 4-Material-Druckkopf

Multirap 3D printer - developed and produced in Germany

Multirap 3D-Drucker have been developed and are produced by Multec according to German machinery construction standards in a stable, precise and durable manner.
All options and new technical features are upgradable.

Two- and four-color extruder with anti-oozing and cleaning function

With the development of the Move-generation extruder, which is unique on a worldwide level, Multec is taking FDM 3D printing technology to a new dimension. Thereby, with it, up to four different plastic types or colors can be combined in a single print run! The intelligent construction combines a well thought-out multi-filament feed with an elegant and compact multiple nozzle head.

Engraving and milling

Multirap 3D printers are also suitable for engraving and milling due to their stability. The upgrade kit for this can be found at the shop.

In addition, Multec offers competent advice and support with detailed instructions, training courses and seminars.

Multirap Touch App

Compatible stand-alone controls with a 10.1" touch control panel

Multirap touch controls are a user-friendly and large-scale operational variant with an easy overview that controls the 3D printer and reliable manner and offers WLAN connection as well as web-cam monitoring.

The large touchscreen enables optimal printing control, manual operation mode, print simulation and a server connection.

Printing cancellations or interruptions due to overloaded PC interfaces are therefore now a thing of the past.
Load your data directly from the WLAN connection and monitor the printing process via smart phone or your web browser. The features can be found here.

MultiSense - automatic contactless table leveling

A high-industry sensor measures the printing bed in a contactless manner. Therefore, the printer controls calculate the printing precisely following measurement. No manual adjustment of the printing table is required.

This option is also available as an upgrade kit in the shop. The features can be found here.

Multirap 3D printer model technical data

M420 Duo Pro Multirap

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