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MultiSense - automated printing bed leveling

Fully automatic printing bed leveling in perfection

Automated non-contact printing bed leveling for your Multirap

See the Video for the function of our printing bed leeling. Even in extreme printing bed angles, the Multirap prints without a problem.

A high-class industrial sensor will from now on be responsible for the leveling of Multirap printing beds.
Before starting the printing process, the precision sensor, which is integrated into the extruder, will scan over the printing bed and pass the information on to the software.
This way, a Multirap prints even at extreme printing bed angles with the exact distance between extruder and printing bed.
Errors resulting from poorly adjusted extruder heights and time-consuming adjusting are now a thing of the past.
Of course this innovation, as always with Multec, is available to retrofit for Multirap 3D-printers.

Soon at Multec: MultiSense V2 with the compensation of surface irregularities and only one time printing bed measuring as free upgrade for all MultiSense owners: