Multec revolutionizes multi-color 3D printing

A revolution in 3D printing: Multec's Multex4Move multi-material extruder

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The Multex4Move four-way extruder makes it possible to create quad 3D prints  quickly and cleanly without oozing and stringing – patented in Europe and the USA

The revolutionary new development from Multec, the German 3D printer manufacturer, allows perfect FDM printing in various colors and materials.

Oozing and stringing one of the most common problems in 3D printing

A subject that is familiar to every user of a 3D printer are the drips of melted plastic which come from the hotend which is not printing. This is also known as oozing and stringing. Multiple nozzles are also all at the same height meaning that the inactive nozzle also moves over the printed part along with the active nozzle which can smudge the plastic. Both of these factors result in a blurred printed product where the different colors are mixed together or where there are threads and drops formed between components due to stringing.

The solution

Multec is the first manufacturer world-wide to overcome this problem! Thanks to an innovative mechanism, the hotends which are not in use in the new Multex4Move four-way extruder are retracted behind a cover and only the active hotend is pushed into the working area. This prevents contamination of the printed product. When switching to another nozzle, this is first cleaned and only then pushed into the active area to prevent any possible residues contaminating the printing. This principle eliminates the stringing problem – even with single-nozzle printing. Here, the nozzle is also retracted behind a cover during the movements where it is not printing thereby preventing any dripping.

Multec delivers innovation for even more variety

With its Multex4Move, Multec delivers another innovation which makes 3D printing more versatile and professional. Along with the use of different colors, the Multex4Move also gives you the possibility of using different materials for a printed product or for the supporting structures, all of this with a hitherto unknown clean printed product. For example, parts of a component may be printed using flexible material while other parts are printed using rigid material giving you enormous versatility within just on printing process. Each nozzle is individually temperature controlled meaning that materials with different melting points can also be processed in one printing process.
Another significant advantage is the large reduction in printing times. This is due to the fact that by using nozzles with different diameters (0.2 to 1-2 mm), significantly higher volume flows are possible when in-filling combined with fine outer coats using the small diameter nozzles. The patent application for this ground-breaking innovation is underway in both the USA and Europe.
Also available as a retrofit for third-party printers
Small, compact versions of this innovative multi-extruder will be available so that you can upgrade 3D printers from other manufacturers which you already own. This means that many printers, which have previously delivered unsatisfactory results, can be optimized.