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Multec is committed to social and economical issues.

Dog wheelchairs printed by 3D printer

The founders of multec have developed a wheelchair for dogs without front legs that they will be providing free of charge as an open-source construction plan and print files.

Download construction plans

Dog wheelchairs printed by 3D printer

In the meantime, several handicapped dogs from animal welfare have been rendered mobile again using this walking aid.

Luisa’s blog can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/luisas.tagebuch/

Printer donation to the Bremenergy team

http://www.bremergy.uni-bremen.de/, https://www.multec.de/Multirap-M300-in-Bremen-beim-Tag-der-Technik

Donation to the Waldbronn Youth Club

Printer assembly, a Multec donation, at the Walbronn Youth Club, October 28, 2013

multec donates 3D printer to printer Markdorf Toolbox e.V.

Multec donates M200 Duo Pro to printer Markdorf Toolbox e.V.


Printer donation to Toolbox Markdorf

Printer donation to the Reutlingen University

Printer donation M300 Duo Pro to the Reutlingen University

Multec receives the GOGREEN certificate