Multec GmbH

About Multec

Multec GmbH is based in Riedhausen (Germany) and its philosophy is "Innovations with a future". The company has specialized in the development, production, distribution and sales of high-quality 3D printers and has been established on the market for many years. Their Multirap series printers are not a closed system, rather they can always be retrofitted and upgraded with the latest developments – thereby remaining fit for the future. The components are mainly sourced from Germany and, where possible, from the local area.

In 2011, Petra Rapp and Manuel Tosché grounded Multec. Both of them are mechanical engineers with many years of experience in large German companies. Right from the start, they concentrated on innovations in 3D printing technology and have worked constantly on research and development projects, sometimes alongside universities and industrial partners.

Multec Filament resulted from this in-house development. It was developed to have excellent print quality and to be based on environmentally-friendly materials which are not harmful to health.

Multec is oriented towards the needs of industry and, as a system partner, offers 3D printers with large printing chambers, industrial safety standards and process security, plastic raw materials and also software support, technology training and industrial services.

These efforts were rewarded in 2014: Multec was awarded the runner-up prize in a Swabian newspaper's Founder Prize. A great deal of interest was also generated with the development of a walking aid for dogs without front legs which Multec developed in 2015 and released free of charge as an open-source kit.