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Experiences and customer testimonials - Multirap-multec

Customer testimonials

Mr. Mirko P. (M420 Single with MultiSense, energy chains and milling/engraving kit)

"To whom it may concern,

Thanks for shipping so quickly. Thanks to the detailed instructions, assembly pretty much took place without any problems (in a few sections, higher-resolution images would have been helpful) but that is me complaining at a very high level.

The assembly manual is one of the best I've seen so far.

Thanks for your effort; keep it up."

Multec: Many thanks for your pointers; we will add images with higher resolutions.

Mr. G. Deininger (M420 Duo)

"Dear Multec team,

The "Multirap M420" 3D that I purchased from you a year ago go prints wonderfully. I would recommend the printer to anyone!

Now, I still have a few questions concerning your new products.
It is the "MultiSense printing bed leveling" that is currently available for purchase fully compatible with the newly launched "Multex Move – Four-color extruder with anti-ooze function" ? Or would I then require a new attachment kit? Can the heated nozzles, “NEW Multex PRO Nozzle”, be used in this? Are you already able to determine when the new "Multex Move – four-color extruder with anti-ooze function” is going to be launched?

I'd like to thank you in advance for your prompt reply to these questions.
Have a great day and keep on developing great products!

Best regards,

G. Deininger"

Multec: Many thanks for your mail. The MultiSense can continue to be used with the Multex-Move extruder; the firmware updates are free of charge.

Mr. Jürgen Böhler (M420 Highline)

“Dear Multec team,

Many thanks for the M420 Duo and the great collaboration thus far.

After having received the Multirap M 420 Duo 3D printer, I wanted to use it solely for technical printing (gripper and parts for handling automation).

However, I had my initial difficulties despite detailed instructions provided by your company. Fortunately, I was able to contact your hotline, where I was kindly and helpfully provided with assistance. Already after three weeks, there was the next training date on 3D Printing Optimization by means of Software and Technology.

In a small group, theory and practical knowledge were well explained in a comprehensive manner, even for those who were not so good at the English language.

Following the training, the results could be positively recognized directly on the printed product.

On this note, I would like to thank the Multec team for the support thus far and for providing an optimal level of care.

I can only further recommend your team as well as the product.

Best regards,

Jürgen Böhler"

Mr. Gerald Süess (M420 Duo with MultiSense)

"Good morning,

The MultiSense enhancement is really a great thing.
I don't have to worry anymore about the first layer and check if the printing bed is still well aligned every time printing starts.
Now, I can start the print run and always achieve a perfect result. I would recommend the upgrade to anyone.

Best regards, Gerald Süess"

Mr. Wolfgang Strenzl (M300 Pro and PLA-HT filament)

"Dear Multec team,
Many thanks for the tip. Your support always helps to further optimize printing.
The Multec team, the products and the customer service are absolutely worth recommending.

Thank you very much,
Wolfgang Strenzl"

Mr. Paul Bauriedl (M420)

"Dear Mr. Tosché,

It all worked perfectly :-)
A new M420 has seen the light of day;-)

I am very happy with the printer in combination with Simplify3D !!!

The first test prints have also already been completed.
Now, I have to get to work. As we all know, the error is located right in front of the PC.;-)

Best regards,
Paul Bauriedl"

Mr. P. Liedl (Training: 3D Printing Optimization by means of Software and Technology Training)

"Dear Multec team,

Thanks for the great seminar last weekend.
Many questions were explained during the theoretical and practical parts of the training,
however naturally, many new questions have arisen.
One found out how comprehensive the > 3D printing It is all the more important to be trained and provided with support in a basis-oriented manner."

Mr. Daniel Moser (Multirap M420 Highline Printer)

“Dear Mr. Tosche,

The printer runs flawlessly and the first samples have been printed. I think the training for me is necessary, above all, it has to do with fine tuning. It's a pity that I don't have the software in German."

Reply by Multec: According to the manufacturer, Simplify3D will also soon be available in German.

Mr. Gerald Süess (Multirap M420)

"Dear Mr. Tosché,

Our Multirap M420 is in operation almost on a daily basis and still works flawlessly.

Would it be possible to receive the 3D STL file for the holder of the dial gage as it can be partly seen in the photos on your website? We would still like to somewhat optimize the calibration of the printing bed.

Best regards,

Gerald Süess"

The ELV team has subjected our Multirap M420 Duo with a 12V heated bed to extensive testing; Read more here.

"It is large, heavy, robust and versatile – With the M420 by Multec, it is obvious at first sight that one was also thinking big things when it was designed. Immense level of space with relation to the mass of the 3D printer, technical data concerning accuracy that makes one optimistic, the simple convertibility into an engraving/milling machine as well as innovative stand-alone controls via tablet and app made us curious. Read our construction and test report.”

Test report and test result of the Multirap M420 Duo Pro

Source: ELVjournal 02/2015, S. 61–67
Link directly to ELV:

Herr Aust L324 - Predecessor printer to the M300

I wanted to ask if there's something new concerning these new nozzles; I would like to order a 1.75 and 3.00mm set.
Otherwise, after approximately 1.5 years, around 4,000 hours of operation and the longest printing time in a single run being over four days, the printer still works great. Except for the nozzles, there are still no signs of wear.
The PLA-HT is still somewhat unmanageable and the recommended blue tape should absolutely be used, however the results is much more refined and dimensionally stable. On the image with the florescent tube, both holders can be printed out precisely the same, but the blue holder is normal PLA (bends through) the light one is PLA-HT and is not deformed. I would order that in any case again, maybe in a different color next time.
Customer testimonial, PLA-HT experiences
Best regards,"
Alexander Aust
DAA Hanover
P. S. You can publish my testimonial if you'd like and don't have to ask. For the construction of spare parts, it's absolutely worthwhile to have a 3D printer. I'm not a big player in the field of design, but I'll pay 5 cents more for material and have a better result than that supplied by manufacturers.

Mr. Christian Gröger Multirap M200 Pro

"Dear Multec team,

In the meantime, I received my order and after the interesting assembly process, I have successfully put my 3D printer and operation. I'm very satisfied, no, actually inspired by the possibilities and naturally, I am delighted with your product. I think I made the right decision. Thank you very much!"

Mr. Samuel Layer-Reiss Multirap M200 Duo Pro

"Dear Multec team,
I've made a small "advertising video" of our M200
and took the freedom to simply upload it onto YouTube:

I hope that is all right with you and that you like it . Kind regards,
Samuel Layer-Reiss"

Many thanks from the Multec team to Mr. S. Layer-Reiss, We absolutely love your video!

Mr. Bernd Pachaly PLA-HT Filament

"To whom it may concern,
I tested your PLA-HT for the first time and I'm impressed. An excellent printed image and clearly better mechanics than PLA.
When can other colors be expected?
Particularly black would be desired. Then, I wouldn't use normal PLA or ABS anymore! Thanks for leaving a comment. Best regards, Bernd Pachaly"

Other colors are currently being optimized with regard to their printing properties and will soon be available.

Mr. Norbert Flatz (Multirap M300 Pro)

“To whom it may concern,

THANK YOU for your QUICK reply to my mail.
Once again, is it a sign that I made the right decision when choosing my 3D printer.
Please feel free to publish my testimonial on your homepage.

Best regards, Norbert Flatz"

Mr. Helmut Lindner (Multirap L234 - predecessor printer to the M200 Pro)

"Dear Mr. Tosche,
thank you for sending the STL file!!!! The printer is working great!!!!
Best regards,

Helmut Lindner"

Mr. Thomas Michael (Multirap M420 Duo Pro)

"Dear Mr. Tosche,

I finally got into it to assemble and test your 3D printer.
I'm very satisfied with your products and will further recommend you.
Best regards,
Thomas Michael"

Mr. Norbert Flatz (Multirap M300 Pro)

"Hereby, I would like to give GREAT praise to your company and your products. The 3D printer that I purchased in November 2013 at the model construction trade show in Friedrichshafen is excellent. The quality of the printed parts is just great.

I just ordered the extruder, Multex Pro, with Z-height adjustment (912-0088) from your shop. My question is: Can exchange the "NEW" extruder one to one with the "OLD" extruder or do I have to TAKE SOMETHING INTO CONSIDERATION when performing the replacement?"

Reply by Multec GmbH: Yes, the extruder Multex Pro can be exchanged 1:1.

Mr. Mario Schönwälder

“Dear Mr. Tosché,
I hope you were able to enjoy Easter a bit.
On this note, I would like to thank you again for your great work, your energetic help and the SUPER unit. Everything functions wonderfully now; the cup print worked out fine :-)
I will give it to you there when you say that the instructions have been already been praised a great deal. This is really good and I will admit when you read every sentence, hardly any questions remain unanswered (learning through pain- see lock nuts ;-) ). At the very beginning of the instructions how they are to be used - I also then read it.
WELL, once again, GREAT praise for the work well done.
Even the first print is really described well, the repeater host also works very good.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH again. I am looking forward to our company’s other developments."

Mr. E. Forlin


Thanks for the really great support…….😊 Here, some people should take you as an example.....

Yes, that was the error... now, it is running flawlessly... thanks a lot

Regards from Switzerland,


Mr. Alexander Huber

"Dear Mr. Tosche,

First of all - we are inspired by the printing of the Multirap 3D printer

very smooth running and that can be clearly seen on the printed item

no comparison can be made to the (xyz-3D printer / name removed)"

Mr. Harry Meschke

“Dear Multec team,

Thanks also for the quick and easy delivery of my small parts in addition to filament.

The printer is working great!!!! It is certainly looking forward to time off."

Mr. Uwe Lörcher (Multirap L234)

"Dear Multec team,

Yesterday, I put the tablet into operation - really easy - with your parts, everything is also so easy - that is something people are no longer used to nowadays !!!

What was not so easy was the replacement part for a car jack that is supposed to be printed.

Actually, a pipe, 14 mm on the outside, 10 mm and 15 mm long on the inside, with a
slot in it.

Initially, I had selected cool; printing lasted forever though (approx.
25 min ), but it was quite good !!

Following this, everything that was optimized actually turned out to be worse !!

After removing from cool, printing actually always completed too quickly, even at a printing period of 10 min, the thing actually did not cool down enough !!

Of course, that would be better yet with your nozzle cooling???"

Multec team: Thanks for your great rating of the Touch!

The answers to your questions: For narrow or thin-walled high parts with high printing speeds, nozzle cooling is ideal. In this way, you can print considerably quicker, waiting periods for cooling are not required and this delivers good printer results.

Mr. Oliver B. (Multirap L234)

"nur eine kurze Zwischenmeldung: Der Drucker läuft jetzt seit einigen Tagen absolut problemlos – wirklich ein tolles Produkt! Jetzt werde ich ihn gründlich testen und die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten ausprobieren – macht wirklich sehr viel Spaß!"">

Mr. M. Dietrich (Multirap L234)


I will give you my opinion on the Multirap L234 and my opinion of multec GmbH in general.

The kit is great and the first printing results were satisfactory; after I remeasured everything and did some fine tuning, the printing results are not just satisfactory, but excellent, great praise .... GRADE A .....
also the telephone support is awesome."

Mr. Ochsner (Multirap L234)

“Good day,
I have been printing with your printer for a while, without any problems, simply great! Your instructions concerning skeinforge have also been of great help. However, I am still currently searching for the function to create bridges. I have found the functions to optimize the connection points. It was only the skeinforge bridge that I was not able to manage on my own. Could you tell me where I can set that?"

Thank you very much for your praise; here are a few of our tips on printing bridges:

- Set the printing speed higher for bridges than is the case for normal printing (that is set at Speed Bridge Feed Rate Multiplier). However, not so high that the printed image is not too different.
- then, under Inset, there is the command “Infill in direction of bridges”; this can help
-then, from our experience, it would be good to print at somewhat cooler temperatures and switch on the nozzle cooling function if it is available.
Mr. F. Richter (Multirap L234)

“I really have to say, many kudos, the printer is really great; you really notice that you have a lot of experience. And that is also reflected in the printer. And the service is also GREAT, as I said, I can only give you my praise * thumbs up *"

Herr Uwe Lörcher on the Multirap Touch (upgrade kit Multirap Touch for L234)

“Here, you developed something beautiful again !!!!

Concerning this, I have a few questions that are certainly stupid:

After the upgrade, is still possible to print from a PC
without more ado?
Simply plug in the USB cable??
How is data transferred to the tablet - via cable or only by reconnecting the SD

In any case - it would naturally be great if you did not have to reconnect the card
using so much effort??"

Answers to your questions:

- Yes, it is still possible to print using the PC connection

- The data can be transmitted by USB cable, via WLAN or by SD card (the card is also not a must)

Mr. U. Hoffmann (Multirap L234)

“Dear Multec team, I'd like to give you a compliment.

After but thinking about it for a long time, I purchased the Multi Rap 234 and have not regretted it. Shipping, service, processing, mechanics, electronics - everything is great and it renders great printing results. Assembly is almost as easy as pie and I'm happy that I didn't purchase a cheap piece of equipment like an eBay and Conrad

Where you have to solder on your own

It's better to spend somewhat more and receive a great product with super service.

Best regards,


Mr. Jörg Neu (Multex Extruder)

To whom it may concern,

I installed the extruder into my MendelMax yesterday immediately and
put it in operation.
I am absolutely delighted. My Wade extruder with a J-head hotend is certainly going
to find its way into the garbage.

Many thanks for the really great product.
Best regards,

Jörg Neu

Mr. Uwe Lörcher (Multirap L234)

"Dear Mr. Tosche

The printer is really awesome; it has already printed approximately 20 pieces !!

Many small and large parts, last night it spit out a one cylinder motor kit; duration: approximately four hours.

Really great, how precise the dimensions are; the height and the outer diameter of a pipe are accurate up to a part of hundredths,
on the inside, it is a few tenths too little, but that doesn't matter !!

On your side, you have a gearbox, where can I download it???

I have also already printed out many small parts, small spheres for instance. At the very top part, the material does not cool quickly enough; here there is only a liquid scrawl.

What he had to change in Skeinforge so that the little stuff does not liquefy???
The small gear parts also certainly require extra parameters???

Best regards, Uwe"

Remark from us concerning this: For very small parts, you should switch off the function "cool" in Skeinforge. It brings about a lot of problems for small parts.

Alexander Aust, DAA Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie GmbH (Multirap L324)

"Approximately three weeks ago I ordered a Multirap L324 from you and it has been delivered.

I'm very satisfied with the device; using the instructions, assembly also went by quite quickly and the first printing results are also great. However, I had to perform a little bit of fine-tuning and a caliper gauge was missing.

Next week, I'm going to present the device to my boss and maybe we will purchase another one for our training area. We offer CAD and CNC-training courses at various locations (Hanover, Alfeld, Peine). In addition, we already have the right CNC milling machines and lathes. However, 3D printing is still lacking and this complements the training quite well. However, the DAA is also active on a nationwide level although via other branch offices."

Mr. G. Ochsner (Multirap L234)

"Good day,
I have been printing with your printer for a while, without any problems, simply great! Your instructions concerning skeinforge have also been of great help. However, I am still currently searching for the function to create bridges. I have found the functions to optimize the connection points. It was only the skeinforge bridge that I was not able to manage on my own. Could you tell me where I can set that?
Best regards, G.Ochsner"

Comment made by us: Under Skeinforge Speed-> Bridge Feed Rate and Flow Rate, under Inset -> Direction of Bridges and with the lowest printing temperatures possible (more via mail)

Mr. Roland Müller (Multirap L234)

“Dear Mr. Tosché,
In the meantime, the delivery has arrived and I have assembled the mechanical and electrical components. I must give you (and your team) a compliment: The packaging is exemplary, just like the assembly instructions are. The installation of the software has not yet been completed, but this should also function well. Your instructions are really very good."